We have a Raffle Winner!

At our final concert of the season, the winner was drawn live on-stage by our generous friends at Key Auto Group, the DiLorenzo family!

A huge congratulations to Sandra Naitza!

Check out her interview below. 

Sandra, of Londonderry, NH, purchased ticket #3839 on August 29th.

Thank you again to all who entered!

All of the funds raised will be put to good use supporting the Arts Festival’s mission of accessibility. We look forward to continuing to provide stellar performing arts programming to the community all for a suggested and optional donation.

We couldn’t do it without you!

A special thank you to our partners at

Key Auto Group

for making this raffle possible.


Looking for a special feel-good story? Well, this is it!

So grab a cup of comfort and enjoy our interview with the winner of Key Auto Group’s Pick Your Path Raffle, Sandra Naitza.

It’s a story that will warm your heart. ☕

Key Auto Pick Your Path Raffle Winner, Sandra Naitza and her husband with their new car!

This year, in support of the Prescott Park Arts Festival’s mission of accessibility, Key Auto Group and owner, Anthony DiLorenzo partnered with the Arts Festival on the new Pick Your Path Raffle. The winner was able to choose between $40,000 towards the vehicle of their choice from over 20 Key Auto Group dealerships or $25,000 cash. 

Anthony and Rachael DiLorenzo (left) announced the raffle on stage to kick off the season alongside the Festival’s Executive Director, Courtney Perkins. Rachael recently joined the Arts Festival Board of Directors and was integral in bringing the raffle to fruition.
The DiLorenzo’s children, 6 year-old Rocco and 4 year-old Theo, even got involved when the two pulled the winning ticket from the giant raffle drum on stage during the Allen Stone concert on September 5th. (below)

The DiLorenzo family stands onstage with the raffle drum at the Allen Stone concert

Top Photo by LJ Elitharp, Bottom Photo by Ron St. Jean

We recently caught up with the winner of the Key Auto Group Pick Your Path Raffle, the delightful Sandra Naitza of Londonderry, NH!

Sandra, or Sandi to her friends, was just astounded to win.

Here’s Sandi’s incredible  story.



Check out Sandi’s interview!

Prescott Park Arts Festival: Congratulations on winning the Key Auto Group Pick Your Path Raffle, Sandi! We are so happy for you!
Sandi: Thank you!

PPAF: We have to know, what did you pick, the car or the cash?
Sandi: I had to pick the car! I already picked it out actually. It’s so beautiful.

PPAF: Oh my goodness! You already picked your car. How exciting!
Sandi: It’s really the most amazing thing because my husband and I had two old cars from 2010 and then I bought my Mother’s 17 year old RAV4 from her when she went into a nursing home in March of 2020. In November of last year we were coming home from visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday and we got into a head-on collision on the Mass Pike in my Mother’s RAV4. It was horrible, the car spun around, there was glass everywhere, and the car was totaled. I was devastated because it was my Mother’s car, so I was very attached to it. Everyone was okay, but then two and a half weeks later my son totaled our other car! It was awful, we only got $9,000 from our insurance company for the two cars. Now three adults were sharing one car. I knew I needed to get another car but how do I replace two cars with $9,000? I was researching so much and asking around and I just knew I wasn’t ready to get a new car. Something was holding me back, but then I saw this raffle and thought “I’m going to go for it!”

PPAF: Wow, that is an incredible story, Sandi. It sounds like the timing couldn’t have been better for you. How did you initially hear about the raffle?
Sandi: I actually saw the raffle on Facebook! I had been to Prescott Park Arts Festival with my son in the past, he’s been there often, and we went to a Darlingside concert together back in 2017 or 2018. So when I saw the raffle on Facebook, I knew what it was all about, but I was hemming and hawing and so I saved the info. Finally I decided, “you know what, I’m going to do it!” So I got a pack of three tickets.

PPAF: Wow, and it paid off didn’t it?!
Sandi: Yes it really did! I prayed every day that I would win the raffle after I bought the tickets, if it was meant for me. Then the night of the raffle came and I kept the phone next to me. At about, I don’t even know what time it was, my cell phone rang and I thought, “It can’t be.” And sure enough! When I got off the phone I went up to wake my husband and tell him, but he thought I was playing a joke on him because I couldn’t stop laughing! I just couldn’t believe it. It was such a rush.

PPAF: Talk about a “pinch me” moment!
Sandi: Yes! I got the call on Monday night, then the emails confirming everything on Tuesday, and then we decided to take a trip down to Key Auto Hyundai of Salem just for the fun of it and we met the nicest young man. He spent so much time with us and we decided right there and picked our car! We decided on a Hyundai Sante Fe, it’s so beautiful! I even got to pick the color… Portofino Gray! It’s a very pretty gray with sparkles in it. I spent an hour talking with the VP at the dealership and he just couldn’t believe my story. He was so kind to us. I have been sharing our story and I had the folks at the car dealership crying. He said we gave him hope and that was so special. I keep going from crying to laughing, I just can’t believe it! After we picked out the car my husband and I went out for lunch and some coffee and I just started crying again. I said to my husband, I wish my parents knew this happened to me. No one is going to believe it. What a blessing.

PPAF: Truly, it’s amazing Sandi. We are just so incredibly happy for you. Thank you for sharing your story with so much generosity of heart. I think it will give a lot of people hope. We all need a feel good story!
Sandi: Well, I keep telling everyone about the Arts Festival and how incredible it is. When I went with my son to see Darlingside in the past, there was actually a car raffle happening that summer too, but I didn’t have the extra money to buy a ticket that year. This summer when I saw it on Facebook I thought, “I just have to do it this time!” I am so glad I did. My son really loves to go see shows there and still talks about us going back together and now we really have to! We are over the moon thankful.

“I just don’t know who to thank- everyone else who bought raffle tickets, Key Auto Group, Prescott Park Arts Festival, it’s just so amazing.” — Sandi Naitza, winner 2022

Sandi and her husband with the incredible staff of Key Auto Hyundai of Salem, NH.

Sandi and her husband with the incredible staff of Key Auto Hyundai of Salem, NH.