Ever wonder what we listen to behind the scenes at Prescott Park?

Curious how we choose bands and musicians that end up on our stage each summer? Ever wish you could have a look at our “you’ve got to hear this” song list?

Now you can.

For The Record is a behind the scenes glimpse of what we’re listening to, what we can’t get enough of, and what we think is just good music. Follow us and be treated to our new playlists as they are released.

We work hard to put on the finest live music on our stage all summer, but…that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we want to share with you. Now, instead of limiting it to the summer season as part of our River House Restaurant Concert Series, we’ve created a means to provide you with a year-round, all-access pass to the music we have on endless repeat. 

For The Record is a playlist curated by us – featuring nothing but songs we love, acts that have caught our ear, and music we feel is just worth sharing.

We upload a brand new playlist you can stream here, or if you’re a Spotify subscriber, you can follow For The Record here .

Listen to our old playlists by visiting For The Record – The Archives

It’s completely free – following the Prescott Park mission of providing accessible, quality arts to everyone. To us, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

**Please note – While we strive to ensure content presented at Prescott Park remains suitable for all ages, this playlist may contain material that may be viewed as objectionable to some listeners.