Hungry?! We've got you covered!

Why wait in line? Order your Pies in the Park ahead of time and have them ready and waiting when you arrive! Order directly from any of our event pages and enjoy! Pizza orders are accepted until 2:00 pm the day of an event.

 Additionally, you'll find our brand new kitchen, The Prop,  in the park that offers lots of tasty meal options like hamburgers, hotdogs, subs, salads, and more!

 And of course Portsmouth is full of wonderful and diverse dining options, all within walking distance of Prescott Park!

Take a look at our sponsor page to see those restaurants who support the festival, invest back in their community, and help keep the festival summer tradition alive and strong! All of these sponsors, like the River House Restaurant,  are more than excellent spots. With full range menus, outside decks, and great to-go menus, these are wonderful places to visit and enjoy.

Lastly, you are more than welcome to bring your own food and coolers (no alcohol permitted on city property) to the park. Enjoy a picnic at your blankets or at one of our VIP tables.