Prescott Park Arts Festival

Jim Jalbert – C&J Bus Lines

Jim JalbertBusiness description: C&J Bus Lines offers first-class comfort with bus service from Seacoast NH to Boston, Logan Airport, New York, Maine and more.
Name: Jim Jalbert
Business: C&J Bus Lines
Role: President

This is C&J’s 6th season as title sponsor of PPAF’s summer concert series! What initially made you want to support the Festival?

What made us want to support the Festival is what continues to be the reason we support it today. We think that what Prescott Park gives back to the community in terms of accessibility for local families, to people that visit the area, the fact that you don’t have to pay if you can’t afford it… I think it really is part of the fabric of Portsmouth. It’s vital.

What’s the importance to the community of an organization like PPAF?

It’s extremely important to the community because it is an asset from a marketing standpoint – especially because Portsmouth and the seacoast area is a year round affair. We have a big tourism component and Prescott Park is a great marketing tool from a give back standpoint, giving back to the area, the citizens of the Portsmouth, and to those people who can’t afford to go to a great concert, who can’t afford to go to a great show; they now have the opportunity to do so. I mean, what a great date night, what a great family night… It just makes a lot of sense.

How does your business benefit from partnering with a community facing organization like PPAF?

You know, I don’t look at it so much that way. We’re not participating because there’s a return on this investment. We participate with Prescott Park because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to do for the community. When you are an organization or are an individual who is philanthropic, you’ve got to think about why you do things. In the case of a company, yes, we do work hard on the branding piece and the marketing piece to tie ourselves to the Park, and the Park does that with us as well, and there’s some benefit to that, but at the end of the day we really just believe in what the Park contributes to the area. That’s why we do it. That’s number one. The rest of it is all window dressing as far as I’m concerned.

What’s your earliest recollection of attending a PPAF event? What’s your favorite PPAF memory/event?

They’re all great. I really can’t pick a favorite because it’s all so good. The Park’s been in business for over 40 years now and I’ve been attending since it started. I remember Prescott Park as a kid when it started. I’ve enjoyed every season. They’ve all been great and unique in their own right. That’s what makes it such a wonderful thing. The variety and the quality of that variety. I like the music, and I especially like the theatre, but, yeah, I think it’s all good. I really appreciate what they do for the community – I can’t stress that enough.

What’s on the horizon for C&J? Any new things your customers can expect as summer heats up?

We’ve got some pretty cool stuff that I think will work well for Prescott Park and beyond. We are expanding our dedicated direct service to South Station this summer and conversely from South Station back to Portsmouth. Right now, other than our commuter trips in the morning and at night going in and out of Boston for people that work there, all of our service runs through Logan airport. It’s now going to be separate – so there will be a separate bus for Boston and for Logan. What does that mean for the consumer? It’s going to shave 20-30 minutes off the trip time in both directions. I think that’s a great thing! We’re really excited about that, and about a couple of other things that I can’t discuss just yet, but stay in touch with us here and we’ll fill you in as we move along towards the middle of summer…

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