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Friday, August 12 @ 5:30 pm

The Block Collaborative

Presented by Bank Prov.

This Community Showcase has been rescheduled due to COVID-19.  The new date is Friday, August 12.

Thank you for understanding.

The Block Collaborative LLC is an art and dance studio located in Portsmouth, NH. The Block is here to support everyone as artists of all ages. We believe that everyone can harness creativity to create towards loving their own craft and most importantly loving themselves. Our space is for all artists to be free and create or/and learn from other artists to show you a new perspective.  

The Block was founded in October of 2020 by Anthony and Brenda Bounphakhom, a sibling duo. Anthony is known for healing artistry, the love he expresses through his craft and founder/owner of The Block Collaborative. He started dancing at age 13 and since then has been training with various teams, workshops, conventions, mentors, etc. Anthony’s passion in teaching people to “push love”. Teaching dance is something Anthony loves to do. but his passion is helping people to feel the love for themselves through art. Brenda is 22 years old and was born and raised on the seacoast. She graduated in Spring of 2021, receiving her Bachelors in Accounting/Finance and is currently working full time as an accounting clerk for a local construction and development firm. In her free time, she loves to surf, play basketball, and spend time with kids! Brenda is very passionate about lending a helping hand and always works to the best of her potential to make sure those around her are happy and smiling!