Special Events

New Hampshire Fish & Farm Festival

Celebrating 400 Years of Local Seafood 
Delicious, fun, and local!

Walk the decks of a local fishing boat, taste freshly-landed local seafood, and much more!

The N.H. Fish and Farm Festival is on hiatus for 2014. Look for a return to the waterfront in Prescott Park in 2015.


Much has changed since Prescott Park Arts Festival and Seacoast Local collaborated to launch this multi-stakeholder community event in 2009. Next year will see a festival that reflects the significant changes we're witnessing -- even just in the last five years -- in the Gulf of Maine ecosystem, in our local small-boat fleet, our local restaurants and markets, local and national policy, as well as other local economy, community and ecosystem resources. 


In the meantime, we encourage you to continue choosing seafood that 1. is landed and processed locally; 2. reflects a very wide diversity of species; and 3. includes the choice of filter feeders like scallops, clams, oysters and mussels (and many more) that help keep our estuaries and marshes healthy. 


More local resources: 

Visit www.seacoastharvest.org and click on "Information about seafood" to learn more about our seasonal catch.

Look for the NH Fresh and Local brand, online at www.nhseafood.com as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Always ask what's local at your market or when dining out.

Consider purchasing a share of Community Supported Seafood from the cooperative www.nhcommunityseafood.com


Learn from Paul Greenberg, author of "American Catch," why local fish matters, on NPR's Fresh Air and NHPR's Word of Mouth, where he spoke in advance of a visit to Portsmouth in August 2014